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Let's work together to create the life you want.

You'll transform your habits, your relationships and your results.


6 months $3000 (incl GST) | 12 months $5000 (incl GST)

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The Live More Life Method

A six-month group + 1:1 weight loss coaching program.

Create new healthy habits and never worry about your weight again.

$2000 (incl GST) - payment plans available.


Stop Sabotaging Your Weight Loss.

Get back in control. Take ownership of your choices. In just 6 weeks you'll unravel the driving forces behind your unhealthy habits and learn the tools you need to solve them permanently.

$1000 (incl GST) - payment plans available

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Transform your mindset and

gain the life you want!


Right now, you have two choices.


You can stay where you are, doing the same old thing

and staying stuck ...

* OR* 

You can take action right now and start transforming your life!


Ask yourself these questions:

  • "Am I living the best version of my life?"
  • "Is there something missing or more that I'd like to have?"
  • "Is there something I've always wanted to achieve and not yet done?"

You have the power within you to make amazing transformations and achieve your life goals.


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Maybe, like most people, you’ve managed to convince yourself that you don’t have this power.

You might have caught yourself saying: ‘I don’t have time’, ’I’ll get around to it later’ or ‘it’s all too hard’.


These are convenient excuses, and we all use them on occasion.

The trick is to see them for the excuses they are and make the decision to change your behaviour.


Except, you won’t see them as excuses, it's just your regular life, that seems to just keep getting in the way.

So, you never get around to living the way you really, truly want.


Don’t you want to lead a life that gets you excited and motivated to keep achieving great things?


This is where coaching can help.

Coaching helps you achieve the life you want, rather than the life you feel stuck with.

People who use coaching to improve themselves do better, achieve more and live happier lives.


Do you want to be improved version of yourself?


Do you want the tools to start and maintain the changes that will help you get to goal and stay there?


If you’re nodding your head to this, book now, and get a free 60-minute coaching consultation call.

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Understand Your Habits.

Transform your Thinking.

Live More Life

at Goal.

Engaging a coach is about transforming your mind and your life.


Coaching helps identify and build your strengths, discover the habits that hold you back,

and then help you break the bad habits and train in new, healthier ones.


It's about getting someone on your team who:

  • will focus is on your success.
  • will believe in you (even when you don’t).
  • will help you cut through the excuses.
  • will help you make your weigh loss easier (so you can do it) and sustainable (so you can keep it).

We expect elite athletes to have coaches, we expect business leaders to have coaches.


Why not you?


Don’t you deserve a little help to get where you want to be?

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I will help you achieve:​

  • Weight Loss

    Get in the right headspace, and get the most out of your weight loss.


    It's not that you don't know what to do.


    Undoubtedly, you've tried many times to lose weight (and sometimes even been successful for a time).


    But it never lasts.


    You're good for a day or a week (or two) and then before you know it, it all falls apart, you're back to your old habits.


    You've fallen back onto the yo-yo bandwagon, all the while feeling more frustrated, more guilty and more overwhelmed.


    You feel powerless to break the cycle.


    I feel you - I've been there.


    I can help you understand and break through the barriers that keep you trapped in that cycle.


    I can show you that it doesn't have to be that way—you're more powerful than you think.


    I know because I've lost 50 kg in a healthy and sustainable way, without ever feeling deprived.


    I have also maintained my healthy weight now for over 10 years while helping others succeed.


    I can help you unlock your strengths and re-train your brain so that achieve your goals, and sustain them in a way that feels natural and easy.


    You'll learn to stop overeating, stop self-sabotaging and take control of your success.

Are you ready to Live More Life?


Are you ready to lose the weight and keep it off?


Do you want to feel better?


If you’re done being overweight and unhappy in your skin, take advantage of this FREE 60-minute coaching call.


Discover how you can take back your life, gain more energy, and feel better physically and mentally.

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I will help you achieve:​

Are you ready to Live More Life?


Ready to be happier?


If you’re serious about living a happier, more fulfilling life, take advantage of my FREE 60-minute coaching session, and discover the path to a healthier, more content life.

  • Happiness

    You feel like there should be more to life.

    Because there is.


    You're successful, you have nice things, you have relationships that matter to you...but does it always feel like there should be something more?


    Do you feel that right now life is okay (maybe even good), but it's rarely great? And only occasionally amazing?


    You tell yourself if you only had more time, more energy or more money, you'd be living the life you truly want.


    Does this sound like you? Are you stuck in a mental rut? Not sure what to do?


    With my coaching sessions, you can learn to:

    • create the abundance you want.
    • gain clarity in your thinking and decision making.
    • let go of the habits that no longer serve you.


    Do you want to be put back in charge of creating the life you want?


    Do want to be happy in your life?


    With the right coaching, you can achieve this happiness.

Do you want to achieve, and maintain, your goals?

It's my mission to help people who are sick of "starting again tomorrow" get out of the diet mentality, stop sabotaging your weight loss and create a healthy life you can live every day.


I not only help you get to goal, but to live a more fulfilling life when you reach you goal.

Intrigued? Interested in the idea of getting coaching, but not sure if it's right for you?


Explore what coaching with me would be like in this free coaching session

(up to 60 mins, conducted over the phone or via online video conferencing).


Bring along a challenge that you're currently facing with your health, weight loss, relationships, work or

direction in life  and I'll help you.


If you find the conversation useful, we can explore any other areas where you'd like some help and what it might look like if we continue to work together.


With this coaching you can change your thoughts and perspectives, break down the barriers holding you back, and help you choose the simple, effective actions that will work.

Ready to start? Let's have a conversation.

See what some of my clients have to say:

The system works!

I was lucky enough to be a part of Brian's course. Since the program I have reduced my weight every week. The weekly lessons helped me to answer those questions I didn't know I needed answering. Brian gave me the tools to put the brakes on the roller coaster ride I was on. I totally recommend Brian's Stop Sabotaging Your Weight Loss course.

Chris T

It's so empowering!

Since doing this course, my weight is going down, and it's the happiest I've ever felt about my body.

Faizey G

I know I will never go back to how I was.

Because of what I've learned, and the changes I've experienced in just 5 weeks, I can see a clear path ahead to a new life with new habits that will serve me for the long term.

Judy R

It is Amazing what I achieved in just 5 weeks.

The course fulfilled all your promises, and our 1:1 session and your personal support was particularly useful throughout the course. Although the course is aimed at weight loss, it improved other areas of my life too. I now have a much better understanding of my relationship with others, and how they enrich my life. Thank You Brian.

Jean B

I have made lots of simple changes I would never have thought of.

SSYWL helps you find out why you overeat, so you can change it. Brian is extremely helpful and you get so much more out of the course doing the homework. For me the most surprising result is that there can now be an open block of chocolate in the fridge for over a week (rather than it never even making the fridge in the first place).

Nigel W

I have had the pleasure of receiving coaching by Brian and can honestly say the quality of what he offers, and the power of how he deep dives into mindsets has already brought positive results in both my weight loss and my thinking. I cannot recommend Brian enough.

Tiffany Wann

Founder & Director

Outstanding Women Leaders

I originally came to you to help with weight loss, but I came to realise what I really needed was (a lot of) help with my mental state. In the time we’ve been working together I’ve grown so much, and am endlessly grateful for the much more enjoyable life I’m now living.

Sally Gamer

Product Architect

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