You have the power within you to change.            You can make amazing transformations.          You can achieve your goals.

Most dieters never solve the underlying issues that lead to weight gain, so they stay trapped in the off again, on again diet cycle.


I help you break that cycle, transform those habits, and lose weight in a way you can sustain for life.

I lost 50 kg (and have kept it off since 2007).

I know what it's like to struggle with weight.

I know how hard and uncomfortable everything seems.

I know how it can undermine your confidence and self-esteem.


And I know how to change that.

My clients say things like this ...

I have had the pleasure of receiving coaching by Brian and can honestly say the quality of what he offers, and the power of how he deep dives into mindsets has already brought positive results in both my weight loss and my thinking. I cannot recommend Brian enough.

Tiffany Wann

Founder & Director

Outstanding Women Leaders

I originally came to you to help with weight loss, but I came to realise what I really needed was (a lot of) help with my mental state. In the time we’ve been working together I’ve grown so much, and am endlessly grateful for the much more enjoyable life I’m now living.

Sally Gamer

Product Architect

Easy Roommate

Brian is extremely helpful. I have made lots of simple changes that I would never have thought of a month ago. The most surprising result is that an open block of chocolate can now last over a week and a half rather than never making it to the fridge.

Nigel Wallis

Hi Brian - I love watching your videos - they are enough to keep me on track when I falter a little - the one the other day about "boredom and stress eating" was particularly close to home.

Tracey Zahner

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